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Interventions can be provided at multiple points in the criminal justice process, spanning from pre-charge to post-sentencing. Referral-based services by SCV Restorative Justice can be used as a standalone referral in low-risk situations, or for first-time offenders. Services are most frequently used in conjunction with other incentives and plans to intervene on risky behavior.

Restorative Justice provides a neutral space to consider individual experience in a small group setting. Our key sessions have been developed with input from our referral agencies, community partners and long-term volunteers. Sessions are focused and intensive so as to not over-respond to low-risk behaviors, but respectful participation is required.

Restorative agreements are developed in group dialogue sessions, and each individual writes and verbalizes their commitment to better, safer choices.

Refer to Restorative Justice

In legal cases, offenders are given certain obligations by the judge, the court, a social worker or probation agent. Referrals to SCV Restorative Justice come from these sources and other partner agencies within St. Croix and Pierce Counties. Victims, parents of juveniles and community stakeholders are encouraged to contact the Restorative Justice Center directly for more information.

As a community-based agency, SCV Restorative Justice strives to deliver services which are respectful of the needs of victims, aiming to guide and redirect youth and adult offenders in conflict with the law. Intervention services are community-based alternatives or supplements to the formal court process. Restorative Justice is a confidential and voluntary program which gives offenders a chance to make amends to those who have been impacted by crime and conflict.

Restorative Justice services utilize community stakeholders to guide sessions through the curriculum and address the harm caused by unlawful behavior. Speakers play a key role in most referral sessions to promote accountability and responsibility. Services operate based on principles of individual worth and belief in the merits of accountability. All sessions close with a commitment to better and safer decision making.

2017 Direct Service Numbers

0 Underage Consumption
0 Controlled Substance & Alcohol
0 Victim Empathy
0 Traffic Violations
0 Victim Impact Panel

Our direct service numbers are calculated as individuals who completed an intervention session to fulfill a referral for a restorative-justice requirement. In addition to the numbers listed above, SCV Restorative Justice additionally provides restorative conferencing.

Our prevention services include speakers and group-dialogue sessions. We partner with local high schools to address alcohol and substance issues, safe driving, and anger and conflict. Using a whole-community approach, we believe that dedicated efforts upstream can help build safer communities. If you are interested in bringing Restorative Justice to your school or classroom, please contact our director to explore options.