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SCV Restorative Justice offers two options for the reintegration of offenders. The first is conferencing options to address specific cases of crime and conflict; this process involves the parties or stakeholders impacted by the situation. Offenders interested in conferencing where a direct victim has not requested services may have opportunities for other conferencing options, such as family or community conferencing.

The second option is community service or speaking. Former offenders may choose to volunteer or complete community service hours with SCV Restorative Justice, either as a speaker or community stakeholder.

In conferencing cases, victim participation is voluntary, and individuals may choose to relay their concerns to conference facilitators as an alternative to face-to-face meetings.

Community representatives or stakeholders participate in a neutral environment to address the specific issues. Everyone separately meets with the program coordinator before ever coming together. Preparatory meetings address individual concerns, questions and the desired outcomes.

Restorative Justice allows for equitable opportunity for all parties to engage in the process.

  • For victims, Restorative Conferencing provides an opportunity to be heard; a chance to have fears or concerns addressed; a voice in the process, outcomes and goals in the restorative agreement; closure.
  • For offenders, Restorative Conferencing provides accountability and insight into the community impact.
  • For the community, Restorative Conferencing provides a place as a stakeholder; an opportunity for input and support.

Individuals indirectly impacted by an incident, case or situation may be invited in as a community representative. SCV Restorative Justice additional has a team of volunteers trained int eh process who can provide input and advocacy for crime victims.

All community service volunteers engage and participate in the restorative process, sharing their experiences and thoughts. Court ordered or drug-court participants are encouraged to follow-up with Restorative Justice staff directly to get started. Community provides reintegration through accountability for past actions and criminal behavior, while committing to positive behavior change and peer-based support for current offender participants.

SCV Restorative Justice can be part of reentry plans to help individuals who are returning to the community from incarceration. Accountability and support is key to ongoing success. SCV Restorative Justice provides a connection to the community.

Former offender volunteers have been referred by local drug courts and probation and parole agents. If you would like additional information, or if you would like to refer someone as a volunteer, please contact our director.