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Victim participation in Restorative Conferencing is voluntary. There are different levels of involvement and participation within the process, including:

  • Attending preparatory and face-to-face meetings
  • Sending a representative
  • Communicating concerns to conference facilitators
  • Releasing a victim-impact statement

Victim participation can be declined at any time. Staff can offer options to victims to help determine their level of participation.

Why would a victim participate?

For those interested in explaining how they were impacted, SCV Restorative Justice offers a process to help address their needs and the obligations caused by the harm. Each situation is different, and crime victims may value alternatives to traditional forms of punishment, including fines and jail time. Victims can choose to explore options to meet face-to-face with offenders, or meet for a surrogate dialogue with an offender that has committed a similar crime.

Victims may decline services. Restorative Justice may not be appropriate for all cases or incidents. If victims choose not to participate, they may still relate information to the conference facilitator or send a representative.

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