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There are a variety of ways to help

To apply to become a volunteer, contact us at the Restorative Justice Center. At your first meeting, you will get introduced to restorative justice and our services, and you will complete a volunteer application and confidentiality agreement. All applicants will undergo a record check. Based on your interest, skills and schedule, you are matched with our programs.

Volunteers participate in referral-based sessions as community stakeholders or representatives. Our community stakeholders role model community values, act as surrogates for crime victims, offer input for what is needed to make things right.

Business Owners • Parents • Law Enforcement • EMTs • Teachers & School District Staff • Advocates

Individuals directly affected by crime, conflict or harm provide testimony about a specific event and explain the impact. Speaking may offer personal healing and a chance to make a change.

Victim Impact Panel Speaker
Addressing Car Accidents • Impaired & Distracted Driving

Session Speaker
Addressing Alcohol & Substance Use • Disorderly Conduct • Retail Theft • Trespassing

Call us at 715-425-1100 to speak with us about internship opportunities. Resumes can be sent to the Restorative Justice Center.

Get started!

Fill out the form to set-up a meeting with our team. We’ll get you more information and decide together where a good place to start would be. If you have any specific interests, be sure to let us know!


Contact us at 715.425.1100 or Program@SCVRestorativeJustice.org.

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