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Sometimes conflicts arise between coworkers and colleagues, which can make working together difficult. While organizational policies may appear to be procedurally fair, rarely are they able to deal effectively with the emotional impact of the harmful behavior or its aftermath. Workplace Conferencing offers a structured process to bring together individuals affected by destructive behaviors to come to some agreement about how to repair the harm and how to move forward. Conferencing can be used in the workplace across a wide range of industries, including governmental agencies, community or nonprofit organizations, religious organizations and other businesses.

This can include issues such as the following:

  • Unclear roles and responsibilities, undefined processes
  • Differing work habits
  • Generational differences
  • Personality differences
  • Communication issues
  • Perceived favoritism
  • Workplace romances

Conflict revolution services through Restorative Conferencing offer a guided process where parties come together to work out a solution built on consensus. Trained mediators provide a setting where reaching agreement is possible and all participants have the opportunity to voice their concerns. The process respects the rights of all involved. It is a confidential and voluntary process.

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