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Restorative Conferencing can offer a safe, structured space for groups of individuals to come together to address change or conflict. Consultation will be case-specific.

Unfortunately, some situations do not have a responsible party that is able or willing to be held accountable for the harm done to the community. For reasons of residency, willingness to engage, or lack of identification, the individual(s) responsible for causing harm may be unavailable for conferencing options. Individuals impacted by the “ripple effect” of crime and conflict may choose not to engage responsible parties for personal decisions as well.

Restorative Conferencing is victim-centric, and the involvement of the individual(s) responsible is not required to provide meaningful dialogue and engagement to move forward. This does not necessarily limit other individuals from coming together to discuss the impact and plan for moving forward.

Community conferencing can include situations such as the following:

  • Vandalism and criminal damage to property
  • Trespassing
  • Neighborhood disputes
  • Current events

SCV Restorative Justice will offer a guided process where individuals come together to collaborate on solutions built on consensus. Trained mediators provide a setting where reaching an agreement is possible and all participants have the opportunity to voice their concerns. It is a confidential and voluntary process. After an initial session, follow-up can be requested if beneficial. Additional sessions may be planned for in advance.

Services are available at a base fee of $150. This includes consultation, preparatory meetings and conference.

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