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A Restorative Conference brings together stakeholders around a central topic or issue. Typically, the process involves crime victims, offenders and community members to address and fulfill obligations caused by crime and conflict. The focus for restorative justice is often how it is used in schools and the criminal justice system. The key ingredients of restorative justice, Respect, Responsibility, Repair, Relationship and Reintegration, can also be used in communities, whether those communities be defined as a church, business, board of directors, neighborhood, professional organization, family or group of friends. Restorative Justice is a powerful tool in working through conflict to bring communities together and repair the relationships between them.


Restorative Justice staff and facilitators are able to explain this process and options. Conferencing begins at a base fee of $150 for single parties or $300 for organizations. The fee includes separate preparatory meetings with each party and standard two-hour conference. Fees are paid by the responsible parties.

More Information

If you would like more information on restorative conferencing, or if you have questions about a specific case or situation, please call the Restorative Justice Center at 715-425-1100 or email. We accept requests from individuals, community groups, local agencies, schools and businesses for conflict resolution consulting and conferencing. We also accept court-mandated conflict resolution and conferencing requests.