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For municipal and circuit courts, law enforcement, social workers, probation agents, and other partner agencies

Submit a referral form for each individual being referred or complete the form below to refer to SCV Restorative Justice. Please include with the referral:

  • Preferred contact information for your court or agency
  • Court timelines or deadlines
  • Judgment of conviction, police report or sanction details for screening



If you are referring for an IPV/DV risk assessment through SAIF, please submit your referral at scvrestorativejustice.org/saif.

Submit a Referral

If you are not sure what session is appropriate, please contact the Restorative Justice Center. You can send the referral documents and indicate that you would like staff to screen the individual for services. We will get back to you with our recommendation.

Upon receiving your referral, SCVRJ staff will schedule individuals into the next available session. We recommend that referred individuals contact the Restorative Justice Center directly to ensure that their session works with their schedule. Our sessions are posted on our online calendar for convenience. All sessions require pre-registration except the Victim Impact Panel. Please do not assign individuals to attend a specific session without pre-registering with SCVRJ staff.

SCV Restorative Justice policy makes it a priority to schedule individuals into our standard sessions within 60 days. Timelines may be extended due to client schedules, screening, sentencing or university schedules. Conferencing cases may have a longer projection as they are handled on a case-by-case basis but are held on the standard priority level.

Please indicate deadlines on the referral form. Our staff will do our best to work with the individual to complete their session in a timely manner.

If there are questions about a referral or session, contact the Restorative Justice Center. Our staff are always happy to help with questions.

  • 215 N 2nd St, Suite 108, River Falls, WI 54022
  • 715.425.1100
  • center@scvrestorativejustice.org
  • fax 715.425.1112
  • Drop files here or
    Please attach any necessary documents to aid in reviewing the case for services, including but not limited to their citation, judgment of conviction or police report.
  • Required to receive notification upon submission of your referral. If you receive an error message, please double check your address, or enter Center[at]SCVRestorativeJustice.org and enter your email in the notes section. Confirmation will be forwarded.
    More than one service may be referred. Please check all that apply. Cases will be screened by SCVRJ staff.
    If you would like Restorative Conferencing to be considered as an option, SCV Restorative Justice can screen the case for appropriate services.